Two Different Types of Leather Belt for Men

Although it seems unimportant, the belt becomes one of the must-have items for men to wear, especially for formal visas. Looking at its history, who would have thought if the belt had been used on men’s clothing since the bronze age! Then in the modern era that is in the 1920s, people began to use these accessories to make them more comfortable when wearing pants with a rather large waist size. Prior to that, in the nineteenth century and to the start of the first world war, the belt became part of the decorative to complement the military uniform, designated as a place to lay down arms while fighting. So, what are you considering when choosing paski? Do you prefer the belt made of leather? In general, men consider belts are trivial accessories so most people do not really care how to use the right to support the appearance. In fact, this one item can be a very attractive accent for women. There are two types of leather belts for men:

1. A formal belt is a type of belt that is only used in formal occasions, formal belts usually have a smaller width size adapted to cotton pants that have a hole for a smaller belt in comparison with a casual type belt, you should choose the size of a formal belt that is between 3.3 cm to show the impression of elegance. In addition, color choices are limited only black and dark brown.

2. A casual belt is a type of belt that can be used for daily activities more relaxed but still looks attractive and cool. For casual style is more free from the choice of color or material materials, but the fact in determining and choosing the belt which is suitable and suitable for use is often made confusion because of the many models of men’s belts today.