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The Process of Rhinoplasty

Prior to the start of surgery, doctors and patients will discuss not only on the way of surgery in detail but also the expected outcomes of the patient and a new schedule of surgical operations at Washington Plastic Surgery – Cosmetic Surgeons.

– During the surgery, the patient will be sedated with the form of intravenous sedation or total anesthesia and after that then the process of surgery done.

– As for the techniques used there are two types of open and closed techniques. An open technique is the making of a small incision of the outer connector so that the surgeon will fold the skin of the nose upward and then reach the lower nasal bone. While in closed technique, all incisions needed will be done inside the nose so that after the completion of the operation will not leave a mark.

Of the two techniques. cartilage and tissue are likely to be removed or adjusted and implanted to get the desired results. After the surgery is completed, the patient’s nose will be covered with a splint and a bandage that should be worn for 1 week. For mild complications will generally occur swollen and swollen around the nose and eye area that will disappear a few days after the surgery.