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Boosting the Meta Tag SEO

What is Meta Tag? Meta Tags is a special tag to notify Bots or Search Engines (google, bing, etc.) about certain information on your Site (blog/website). The easy function of meta tags is to fill in information about your Blog. Meanwhile, you can go to https://www.charles-brian.com/miami-seo/ if you’re looking for the licensed and trusted SEO service company in Miami.

Although Google no longer uses Meta Tags to rank a site, I’m sure there is 1 SEO Friendly Meta Tag that is still powerful to date, and the meta tags I mean are:

Meta Tag Description

The function or usefulness of the Meta Tag Description is to inform search engines like Google about short descriptions of our Blog and also about the articles we create. So every Meta Tag Description will be displayed in the search results, for that is important to fill our Meta Tag Description SEO Friendly, which consists of keywords that we aim at.