Remember these when you buy curtains and blinds

Having partnerships for various household utensils is very important for those of you who are married. When trying to buy curtains, try to contact some of your closest friends or neighbors to find information where the sale of curtains that are around your house, in addition to saving transportation costs this way is needed to facilitate you to find a subscription you know! If you have already planted at least two wholesale or curtain stores, then all you have to do is ask and compare prices. Well, for this one you have a lot of searching the first reference either from friends or searching yourself on the internet. Thus you will not be deceived the same material with different prices later. In the meantime, you can also try to check out online roller blinds.

Adjust Color

Customize colors depending on consumer tastes. However, this could have an effect on the concept of space you want to decorate with the curtains. Such as for the use of curtains in the living room, then you must provide a more neat color or a little color play. Usually, curtains in the living room are designed with a neutral color to be able to adjust to the wall or other furniture. However, this is not always used because usually a creative homeowner actually plays the color as he likes in accordance with the character of the inhabitants of the house.


Asking for a service or curtain washer is indispensable. The action is to anticipate if at any time you need curtains to be washed because it can not wash them yourself. Especially if the curtain is not accidentally damaged or torn, you can easily go to service or contact to repair the damage.

Check the quality of the stitches

This tip applies if you are choosing or want to buy ready-made curtains. It could happen that way because the sellers often prepare curtains with all sizes making it easier for buyers to no longer order a new one. After some things have been determined, it’s time to check back the existing stitches on the side or edge of the curtain fabric. This is to avoid any stitches or curtains of torn curtains or loose stitches. Your accuracy can determine the age of curtains for home use.