Office Furniture Placement Tips

Office space is the space where we work every day. Office space should generate a passion for working, then set the position that is in the office space starting from the furniture. You can get the best Office Furniture Los Angeles, by visiting our website.

There is some furniture that can be added to the office workspace, namely:

Set the position of the office desk or work table by putting it in the direction of the coming sun. There are opinions that say that light can generate the energy that exists in body and mind when we work

Seating is not facing the wall or against the window. Put a small mirror on the desk if you have to sit with your back to the window.

Place Files
Manage your work files. For important work files set neatly and place it to the left of the table. This will spur energy that can accelerate your work performance.

Bookshelves / Cabinets
Do not place the cabinet adjacent to the door to open the door freely. Put furniture like bookshelves and file cabinets in a place that does not block the view or cut your path

Placement of the computer can affect your work power, then place the computer in a place as comfortable as possible. Do not place excessive accessories on the office desk especially with striking colors and do not place them near the computer.

Put the stationery on a small flower vase so it looks more beautiful. And provide a glass of drinking water at the office desk to help maintain stamina while working.

Place the phone according to your habits of using hands when calling. Do not place the phone in a place that is difficult to reach because it will cause discomfort.

Put a trash can on the bottom left of the desk with a close proximity of the office desk making it easier for you to throw something into it.