3 Reasons why your muscle growth isn’t optimal

Adding muscle mass is not an easy matter. Often you practice hard enough, but the development of muscles that you desire has not you get. This then makes you feel desperate and stops your practice. Know the cause of your muscle development is less than the maximum and how to overcome this following. Almost every man in the world longs for a body that contains and is proportional, including you. Anyway, you may have started from practicing the burden to manage the diet to burn fat and buil muscle. However, until now the ideal muscle shape is still not you get. There are several factors that make your business less successful even if you already practice and manage your diet.

Here are 3 causes of your muscle development is less optimal and how to overcome them

Not Enough Eat

Shaping muscles are about meeting the protein needs in your body because the muscles are formed from proteins that are widely present in the foods you consume. If you do not eat enough, then your body will lack protein so the body can not build muscle perfectly. Eat 5-6 times a day with small portions and rich in nutrients to help your muscles grow better. In addition, by eating enough food, your body will be protected from lack of other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that help the recovery and formation of your muscles.

Practicing With The Same Load

When you practice using a certain load for a long time and finally you try another exercise with the same burden of training, then your body will not get maximum muscle growth from the exercise you do. In essence, your muscles will develop if you increase your workload gradually, instead of practicing with the same load for a long time.

Do not Overdo Many Exercise Variations

Variations of exercise may be done. However, too much variation is also not good for your muscle development. Too many variations keep you from focusing on your core exercises, so your muscles are not properly trained. Perform a variety of exercises appropriately to prevent saturation of your muscles so as to stimulate more optimal muscle growth.